Lumé Story: Introduction


Light gives rhythm to any space. Adding a melody to your sanctuary can be achieved by choosing the perfect lighting. It complements the interior and lets you set the right ambiance. Our Lumé mission is crystal clear: to give you that perfect lighting and to bring every room to its full potential. Bring your vision to life with Lumé.

From Minimal to Elaborate with Lumé

Each room tells a different story; from small ornaments, framed photographs or paintings, to furniture. The way we arrange and decorate our space speaks volumes about us and our personal style. Why not top it all off with the best lighting? 

Ballroom glitz or bookish charm, no matter what is your preferred taste, Lumé has it. For that luxe and fairytale-like ambiance, our Luna, Belore, and Aria collections have models that are for sure going to leave your guests speechless.

Going more for a straightforward, no-fuss look? Vesta collection has the lighting fixtures of minimalists’ dreams. Vesta collection’s clean design, monochrome palette, and ability to blend right into any space will wow you.

Your Concept of Lumé Lighting

Lighting that lets you express yourself – our Molecular and Tubular collections. Let your playful side out and discover our collections that can be customized to your liking. With a simple push-lock mechanism, create the style of lighting that fits your room the best. 

With a variety of options, you can even switch up the atmosphere whenever the mood strikes. Illuminate parts of your space that weren’t in the spotlight before. Move your table or floor lamps around and find the perfect spot for them. 

Explore our Lumé collections and revamp your home the way it deserves.

Your concept of living, your concept of lighting. 

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Lumé priča

Naša Lumé misija je kristalno jasna: pružiti vam savršeno osvetljenje i izneti puni potencijal svake sobe. Oživite svoju viziju sa Lumé rasvetom.

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Da li ste u potrazi za novim osvetljenjem? Tražite li zadivljujući luster za svoju dnevnu sobu ili praktičnu stolnu lampu za kućnu kancelariju?